Approx Power Before & After: 190KW/215KW*

Approx Torque Before & After: 550NM/630NM*


All modern cars and trucks have an Engine Control Unit, or ECU. The ECU is the 'brain' of the vehicle- an electronic unit that gathers data from a series of sensors located throughout the car, interpreting it as you drive along and making adjustments to air-fuel mixtures, ignition timing and other systems where and when needed. Vehicle manufacturers program these units conservatively and generically, without taking specific considerations such as performance modifications, climate conditions or vehicle use into mind.

Remapping is the re-programming of the ECU. By tuning the parameters in the unit, we are able to customise the ECU programming to specifically suit your vehicle and needs- whether you use your car for towing heavy loads, have installed performance modifications, or just want improved day to day driveability, an RTS remap can be created to suit your requirements.


We use some of the most advanced hardware and software available to remap your ECU. Our service is guaranteed to increase power and torque, improve throttle response and will also generally result in better fuel economy. Better yet, we're completely mobile, making our service convenient and efficient. It means your car is given our full time and attention and the job is completed thoroughly and quickly, so you can be confident you are receiving a quality remap specially customised to your vehicle.


*All power figures are approximate and figures can vary



All remaps are performed in person by RTS and travel fees may apply for those customers outside of the Adelaide metro area.


Dyno testing is also available at a further cost.


RTS also offers up to 3 years, 100,000km engine warranty for stage 1 remaps performed on vehicles still under factory warranty.

RTS Remap suit Mercedes X350d 3.0L 2018 - Current

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