Complete turbo back 3″ fully mandrel bent aluminised steel Manta exhaust system.

Similar to most modern 4×4 turbo diesels on the market today, the Colorado 7 has a very restrictive factory exhaust system. It doesn't take much to realise there are gains to be had by fitting a performance exhaust system. After careful experimentation, Manta arrived at the conclusion that a 3” exhaust was the best option for the Colorado, offering the best power & torque, the fastest turbo spool, and the greatest reduction in exhaust gas temperatures.


After fitting the exhaust to the Colorado, Manta saw around a 5 – 10% gain in power and torque, while exhaust gas temperatures dropped dramatically.


Exhaust and Remap Package

Combining your new Manta performance exhaust with a RTS Stage 1 Remap will improve power, torque, driveability and throttle response, helps to reduce fuel consumption and gives you the peace of mind that your engine is running at optimal efficiency! With 2 years warranty on aluminised Manta exhaust systems and up to 3 years, 100,000kms engine warranty for remaps performed on vehicles still under factory warranty, you can rest assured you’re receiving quality products and a quality service.

Manta Exhaust suit Holden Colorado 7 RG 2.8L December 2012 – 2016

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